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A warm welcome to Glen Carlou, situated in the heart of South Africa’s scenic Paarl Valley. The warm, dry summers and cold, wet winters of this area combine with an exciting variety of slopes and the riches of our soils to create unique winegrowing conditions.

Glen Carlou was established in 1985 and since 2003 has been successfully owned and run by Hess Family Estates.

To harness our farm’s vast winegrowing potential, our vines are meticulously selected in terms of rootstock and clone, while every variety is carefully chosen for its compatibility to the terroir. Yields are kept rigorously low, ensuring that nature’s gifts are distilled in the flavourful grapes that we harvest. And in the cellar our winemaker Arco Laarman and his team join forces with nature to create three distinctive wine ranges.
Biodiversity in Action

Hess Art Collection Catalogue

The Hess Collection Catalogue
  The catalogue represents the highlights of Donald Hess’ art collection compiled over 40 years. It represents the works of 52 artists of the Hess Art Collection, a statement by each artist about his or her art and introductions by Donald Hess and Curator, Myrtha Steiner.

Hardcover, 372 pages with more than 300 colour reproductions of works of art.

Published in Germany by Hatje Cantz, Stuttgart
Language, English
ISBN 978-3-7757-2139–4
The Hess Art Collection Catalogue is now available for purchase from  the Glen Carlou Visitor Centre or can be purchased here.