Our dedication to sustainable farming is inspired by our company philosophy of ‘being custodians of the land and preserving it for future generations’. Our approach clearly is one of not manipulating, by rather of farming in harmony with Nature.

Glen Carlou’s worldwide reputation for quality wines has been built on the mission of delivering handcrafted wines reflecting our distinctive terroir.


The Integrity & Sustainability seal is the result of collaboration between the Wine & Spirits Board, IPW, as well as the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) and Wines of South Africa (WOSA) with the generic marketing body responsible for the worldwide launch of the concept as part of its Brand South Africa campaign. Together these organisations are driving the South African wine industry’s commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly production. We are not just advocating green, we are practising it!

The South Africa wine industry has launched the world’s first sustainability seal as a guarantee of eco-friendly production.  Issued by the Wine and Spirit Board, the seal, intended for bottled wines only, is backed by a sophisticated tracking system in which bottle contents can be traced back to source at every stage of the supply chain to confirm the integrity of their production.

Glen Carlou has qualified to use this seal effective from the 2010 harvest as we have successfully obtained accreditation of the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) set of principles, at farm, winery and bottling levels. IPW covers a range of issues such as integrated pest management, the health of workers, the conservation of biodiversity and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
This seal is a visual guarantee to a winery’s commitment to environmentally-sensitive winemaking. Look out for Glen Carlou’s 2010 wines which will feature the new seal.
For further information, visit www.swsa.co.za.


A unique feature Glen Carlou’s Visitor Centre is our Fynbos Garden. Here a magnificent array of endemic indigenous fynbos flourishes between ancient rocks and giant boulders, creating an ambience of gentle tranquillity and transporting you far away from life’s stresses and strains. The endemic plant species, range from the Eriocephalus africanus to the Pelargonium capitatum. The gardens also support a variety of birds and small mammals.


Glen Carlou has further demonstrated its commitment to the environment with its preservation of its rich floral heritage by rehabilitating over 2 hectare of the most vulnerable endemic species on its land. This has won us membership of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) – a pioneering partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector. The goals of BWI are to minimise the loss of threatened natural habitat, and to contribute to sustainable wine production through the adoption of biodiversity guidelines by the South African wine industry.
To find out more about the Biodiversity Wine Initiative, click herewww.bwi.co.za


Neutron Probe Systems in our vineyards allow us to monitor the moisture within our soils. That combined with our satellite weather system, we are able to accurately plan and monitor our water usage in our vineyards.
Glen Carlou also utilises a water recycling plant which allows us to recycle all winery waste water.


Our policy is to only utilize chemicals in our vineyards should it be absolutely necessary. Glen Carlou’s ability to monitor presiding weather conditions allows us to better plan and manage the use of herbicides and pesticides in the vineyards.


Glen Carlou’s vineyards are planted in accordance with our prevailing wind directions which allows our  vineyards and grapes throughout ripening to cool and dry off in a natural state. This further limits our use of herbicides and pesticides within the vineyard.


Our rich and favourable natural habitat attracts a wide array of birds and other wildlife. Over sixty species of birds have been identified on the property. The list includes:

Kelp Gull Grey Heron Egyptian Goose Blue Crane(heard)
White Pelican Blackheaded Heron Spurwinged Goose Cape Francolin
Reed Cormorant White Stork Little Grebe Helmeted Guineafowl
Whitebreasted Cormorant Hamerkop Redknobbed Coot Milvus Kites
African Darter African Spoonbill Moorhen Yellowbilled Kite
Cattle Egret Sacred Ibis Blacksmith Plover Black Kite
Little Egret Hadeda Ibis Spotted Dikkop Steppe Buzzard
Klaas’s Cuckoo Barn Owl (heard) Greater Striped swallow Redfaced Mousebird African Hoopoe Cape Wagtail
Spotted Eagle Owl(heard) European Swallow European Bee Eater Forktailed Drongo
Fierynecked Nightjar Little Swift Alpine swift Pied Kingfisher Pied Crow
European Starling Malachite Sunbird Lesser Doublecollared Sunbird Cape White Eye
Masked Weaver Red Bishop Golden Bishop Yellowrumped Widow
Feral Pigeon Cape Robin Fiscal Flycatcher Laughing Dove
Karoo Prinia Cape Batis Fiscal Shrike Southern Boubou
Red Winged Starling Cape Weaver Cape Canary Falcon Rock
African Fish Eagle Jackal Buzzard Blackshouldered Kite Peregrine Kestrel Cape
Turtle Dove
Rock Pigeon Rameron Pigeon Cape Bulbul Olive Thrush
Cape Rock Thrush House Sparrow Pintailed Whydah


All of Glen Carlou’s packaging is made from recyclable materials. We are continuously investigating the use of lighter weight packaging to further reduce our carbon footprint.
Further processes to reduce our carbon emissions in the vineyard and winery are continuously research, investigated and implemented wherever possible.