Producing truly great wine, consistently, takes a very special passion and attention to every facet of its slow, meticulous production, Even the word production doesn’t sit well with us – we prefer to call it Curatorship. It permeates everything we do – our respect for the environment and its unique terroir, the way we nurture our people and the painstaking care and judicious practices that go into producing every bottle of Glen Carlou.

Each vintage and every variety presents it own excitement and its own challenge. In our custom-designed cellar, we combine time-honoured winemaking methods with state-of-the-art equipment to capture this magic in the wine. Meticulous care, from wine press to bottling, ensures that our cellar runs smoothly and professionally. The result is wines reflecting the intense fruit flavours distinctive to our region, whilst retaining the unique and individual Glen Carlou style.

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