Hannalie Taute

Hannalie Taute



cotton thread and rubber
47 by 64cm unframed
R12 250



cotton thread and rubber
50 by 34cm unframed
R8 500



cotton thread and rubber
80 by 60cm unframed
R15 000



cotton thread, found object, fabric, vintage photograph and rubber
35 by 33 by 8cm unframed
R 4 000



cotton thread, found object and rubber
150 by 124cm unframed
R25 000



Cotton thread and rubber
100 by 60cm unframed
R15 000



cotton thread, found object, fabric, vintage photograph and rubber
33 by 48 by 8 cm unframed
R4 000

The life and work of Hannalie Taute

Taute’s work is in a constant state of evolution, which in itself mirrors many of the ideas behind her art. Her process is methodical and laborious. The work depicts moments in time – capturing instances in which a non-traditional medium (in this case rubber) undergo a violent process of change.

She juxtaposes delicate cotton thread with industrial discarded inner tubes by embroidering items that can decay, such as flowers and flesh, with moments of violent disruption. The resulting organised chaos resembles our daily lives and external influences. The coarseness of the rubber is counteracted by the delicacy of the thread, but this is subverted, as often the stitching and composition of the rubber inner tubes are delicate and the thread seems almost rough in its arrangement.

One central theme or unifying characteristic is the repeated exploration of identity and/or relationships within her “paracosmic fantasy”. She explores this concept by means in which people often have many and sometimes conflicting, identities to which they answer to. “Art is some sort of interesting area where dysfunction is allowed.” This is perhaps most striking in the more recent work, ranging from figurative, and hybrid toy-like creatures to a variety of portraits as well as larger floral arrangements embroidered on rubber.

Taute wants the medium of the piece to interact with the subject manner in a way that forces the viewer to deeply engage and question with the art-works, and she aims to create a moment of respite from the chaos while simultaneously depicting it.

Hannalie Taute (b. 1977), obtained a National Higher Diploma in Fine Art in 2000 at the PE Technicon (now the NNMU). For the past 8 years Taute has been working with rubber, particularly repurposed rubber inner-tubes, and embroidery as preferred media. She was a nominee for the Fiesta award in 2012 and 2015 and 2017. She received the Kanna-award for best visual art production at the 2014 KKNK art festival for her solo exhibition called: “Rubber ever after”. In 2017 she represented South Africa at the Museum Rijswijk Textile Biennale in the Netherlands. Her work can be found in various private collections as well as the academic collection of UNISA. She currently lives and works in Riversdale, Western Cape.

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