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Recipes & Wine Pairings

Chef Johan Stander has always been very generous in sharing some of our famous recipes and wine parings for you to cook at home. Be sure to send us pictures of your result. Preferably with a bottle of Glen Carlou in the picture!

Wine Pairing
Cabernet Franc (1)
Cabernet Sauvignon (1)
Chardonnay (3)
Chenin Blanc (5)
Petit Verdot Tannat (1)
Pinot Noir (2)
Sauvignon Blanc (2)
Shiraz (2)
Syrah (3)
Unwooded Chardonnay (4)
Viognier (2)
Dessert (5)
Mains (7)
Starters (15)
Main Ingredient
Beef (3)
Fish (6)
Fruit (1)
Lamb (2)
Pork (1)
Vegetarian (5)
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