Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community

As a founding member of the Klapmuts Community Trust, Glen Carlou contributes towards providing the children at the local Klapmuts School with one square meal a day. We are proud to have facilitated own-title housing for all of our staff within the Klapmuts community and all houses have had solar powered hot water systems installed.

Streetsmart South Africa

Glen Carlou has been a proud supporter of Streetsmart since 2009 and is the founding member of the Paarl Chapter.


Streetsmart South Africa is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation and a Public Benefit Organisation and has been in operation since 2005. All the funds raised in restaurants go to selected and approved organizations that run programs for the normalization of street and vulnerable children.

Visit us and support the cause

A R5 voluntary donation is made on each restaurant table’s behalf. Your donation of any amount makes a difference.

South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Unsustainable harvest from the world’s oceans has led to the depletion and in some cases collapse of many of the world’s fish stocks. Restaurant @ Glen Carlou proudly uses fish from the SASSI Green List.


The Green List fish are the most sustainable choices made available to us from our suppliers.